I bought a heavy duty one-way draw white traverse rod but it seems I’m missing an end bracket?

Our one-way draw traverse rods require only one end bracket for the corded side where the pulley housing is located. Use a center support to mount the opposing side. This will allow for full closure of your curtains.

How do I convert my white traverse rod into a ceiling mount?

The center supports (L brackets) can easily be converted into ceiling brackets by unscrewing the screw on the bracket to separate it into 2 pieces. The straight piece becomes the ceiling bracket. Lock the brackets into place on your rod and drill up onto the ceiling using the allotted screws. Do not install the end bracket. The corded end side can be directly screwed up to the ceiling.

How do I attach my screw-in finials to my decorative traverse rod?

Slide the adapter onto the backside of track with the adapter screw facing outward. Insert the screw-in finial into the adapter. You may need to pinch together the end of the rod when sliding the finial on. Release the hold of the rod once the finial fits properly onto the end. Tighten the screw located on the adapter as necessary.

Can I change the cord side of my traverse rod?

Yes, only if you have a center-open draw traverse rod, can you change the cord to be on the left side. All our decorative traverse rods are pre-assembled as center-open draws with the cord being on the right side. To change the cord side to the left, just use a pen or hook to drag the cord down from the underside of the pulley housing on the left. Continue to drag until the entire cord loop falls to the left and you’re done.

How do I convert my center-open traverse rod into a one-way draw?

To convert to a one way left draw, slide all the carriers to the left and remove the right master carrier. To convert to one way right draw, do the same process but move the carriers to the right and remove the left master carrier.

Where can I buy additional sliders?

For white traverse rods, the model # is "KC1910." For decorative traverse rods, the model # for hidden sliders is "6995S", and for slider rings is "6996R". If you have any trouble locating these parts, please send a message or give us a call and we’ll jump to your aid!

I purchased an Ivy curtain rod set but it looks like I received two of the same finials so one side has the big leaf pointing up and the other side with the big leaf pointing down?

The Ivy finials should be identical so the look of the set is with one ivy finial pointing up, and the other side pointing down.You may wish to rotate one of the finials from front to back so that it’s uniform on both sides but this isn’t suggested.

How do I attach the center supports to my white traverse rod?

To attach the center supports, place the center support on top of the rod where the lip of the rod meets the support. Grab a flathead screw driver and insert it into the slotted opening on the silver cam-lock underneath of the support. Once the screw driver is inserted, begin to turn the cam-lock in either direction until it hits the back side of the rod. This will hold the support into place. Do not attempt to rotate the cam lock with your hands.

Can the Armor adjustable track be mounted to the ceiling?

Yes! You can convert the wall brackets into ceiling mount brackets. Unbolt the rod clamp from the wall bracket. Set wall bracket aside. Make sure you position the smaller and larger rod clamps based on where the inner rod and outer rod will be mounted. Once the rod clamps are securely mounted up into the ceiling, position the track into the clamps.

How many carriers/sliders are on your decorative and white traverse rods?

30-48" = 10 carriers.

48-84" = 20 carriers.

66-120" = 30 carriers.

84-156" = 40 carriers.

How many carriers and hooks are on your Armor adjustable track?

28-48" = 10 carriers

48-84" = 20 carriers

66-120" = 30 carriers

Armor track weight capacity?

This model is considered light-duty and cannot carry heavy curtains. Please see below for estimated weight tolerance for our single and double Armor adjustable tracks.


28-48": 5 lbs

48-84": 10 lbs

66-120": 15 lbs


28-48": 8 lbs

48-84": 13 lbs

66-120": 18 lbs

Keep in mind that estimates aren’t set in stone because the less you extend your rod out, the bigger the overlap is for the inner and outer rod. This makes for a sturdier rod allowing for a larger weight capacity.

What’s the weight tolerance for your white traverse rods?

Please see below for estimated weight tolerance for our single and double heavy duty white traverse rods.


30-48": 10 lbs

48-84": 15 lbs

66-120": 20 lbs

84-156": 25 lbs


30-48": 15 lbs

48-84": 20 lbs

66-120": 25 lbs

84-156": 30 lbs

Keep in mind that estimates aren’t set in stone because the less you extend your rod out, the bigger the overlap is for the inner and outer rod. This makes for a sturdier rod allowing for a larger weight capacity.

Does the curtain rod length include finials?

The curtain rod length does not include the finials. For example, if you order a curtain rod that extends from 28-48 inches, the max length of the rod itself will be 48 inches. The finials will provide additional length to the rod’s max length. All of our products will provide the finial measurements in the description. The width listed there will be the additional length to the curtain rod.

Does the curtain rod diameter matter?

Desyne Store carries the most common rod diameters of 5/8”, 13/16”, 1”, and 1-1/2”. These will not have a huge impact on the weight capacity, as weight capacity has more to do with the mounting brackets and the number of brackets used.


5/8” diameter – Sheer or linen curtains are recommended. The thinner rod will compliment the delicate and swift feel of these curtains.

13/16” and 1” – Cotton curtains are recommended. Cotton is very common and comes in a wide variety of looks and weights.

1” and 1-1/2” – Silk or Velvet curtains are recommended. A thicker rod will be a bit more supportive and the thickness will compliment the fuller look of the drapery.

Can a curtain rod be cut?

Our standard curtain rods (excluding traverse rods and spring tension rods) can be cut with the use of a hack saw. Cutting our curtain rods down to a custom size will not affect their functionality or the ability to reattach the finial decorative end pieces.

How long should my curtain rod be? How far should a curtain rod extend past the window?

Carefully measure the width of the window you would like covered. Your curtain rod should be at least 8-12 inches longer than this measurement- account for at least 4-6 inches on either side. You should also plan to mount the rod approximately 4-6 inches above the window frame.

Can curtain rods be hung from the ceiling?

Most rod models can be ceiling mounted. The accompanying brackets must be ceiling brackets for this type of installation.

Are curtain rod finials universal?

Curtain rod finials are not universal. Rod Desyne finials exclusively work with corresponding Rod Desyne rods - diameter of rod must match finial.

What rod should I use for pinch pleat curtains?

Our Traverse Rod collection is perfect for Pinch Pleat curtains! Choose from Heavy Duty White Traverse, Baton Draw, Cordless or any of our Decorative Traverse rods.

How do I choose the best curtain rod/model for my design goal?

Choosing the best model for your specific needs can feel overwhelming, but our Customer Service representatives and Installation experts are here to help! Give us a call at 909-548-0083 to chat with a member of our team. We’ll carefully assess your design intentions and provide recommendations for the best fit/use.

What are traverse rods?

Traverse curtain rods are constructed of a metal ‘track’ or rod that utilizes a pulley mechanism for drawing curtains. They can be installed to be left, right or center open and depending on style, they may be hand, cord or baton drawn. Traverse rods are used exclusively for Pinch Pleat drapery.

What if I need help with installation?

Please visit our Youtube @roddesyne for step by step installation videos.

For further assistance, our Installation experts are available at 909-548-0083 Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (PST).

How can I use the Panel Track Vertical Blinds?

The Desyne Store Panel Track rail system is distinct in its versatility of function. It can be used simply as a window covering, as a closet door, or a space divider in home or office. It can also function as a backdrop for photos/video, a portable wall, room partition or trade show barrier. The elegant panels can even serve as a unique and stylish art installation.

How does a magnetic curtain rod work?

A magnetic curtain rod typically consists of two telescoping metal rods with strong magnets attached to each end. These magnets adhere to the surface of a metal door or window frame, securely holding the curtain rod in place.

What are the benefits of using a magnetic curtain rod?

Using a magnetic curtain rod offers several benefits, including: No drilling or tools required: Magnetic curtain rods are easy to install without the need for drilling holes or using screws, making them ideal for renters or temporary installations. Versatility: They can be used on metal doors, window frames, or appliances, providing flexibility in window treatment options. Removability: Magnetic curtain rods can be easily removed and repositioned as needed without leaving holes or damage behind. Quick installation: Installation is typically quick and straightforward, requiring minimal effort.

Can magnetic curtain rods support heavy curtains or drapes?

The weight-bearing capacity of magnetic curtain rods can vary depending on the strength of the magnets and the material of the curtain rod. While some magnetic rods may be able to support lightweight or medium-weight curtains, they may not be suitable for heavy or thick drapes.

Are magnetic curtain rods adjustable for different window sizes?

Yes, many magnetic curtain rods are adjustable and feature telescoping or extendable designs that allow you to customize the length to fit your window dimensions.

What types of curtains can be used with magnetic curtain rods?

Magnetic curtain rods can be used with various types of curtains, including lightweight curtains, sheer curtains, cafe curtains, or valances. However, they may not be suitable for heavy or thick curtains that require strong support.

Are magnetic curtain rods suitable for all types of windows?

Magnetic curtain rods are best suited for metal doors or window frames, as the magnets require a metal surface to adhere to securely. They may not be suitable for non-metallic surfaces or windows with non-metallic frames.

How do I install a magnetic curtain rod?

To install a magnetic curtain rod, simply place the magnets at each end of the rod against the metal surface of the door or window frame. Adjust the rod to the desired length, ensuring that it is level and centered over the window. The strong magnets will hold the rod securely in place without the need for additional hardware.

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