Commercial Wall/Ceiling Double Track Kit- Black

Commercial Wall/Ceiling Double Track Kit- Black

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Desyne Store is pleased to introduce our cubicle wall/ceiling curtain track kit. This track can be used as a wall mount or ceiling mount. It is excellent for floor-to-ceiling curtains and drapery panels usually seen in hotel rooms. Sturdy and smooth operation with baton draw; Perfect for use as a room divider: closet room, laundry room, living room, kitchen, office, and garage

Includes two 3/4 inch tall and 1-1/8 inch wide aluminum ceiling tracks, two pairs of master carriers, 4 batons, 4 metal end stops, sliders, mounting brackets, and mounting hardware

6 sizes available:
5 FT- two 5 ft tracks and 36 sliders
6 FT- two 6 ft tracks and 40 sliders
8 FT- four 4 ft tracks and 52 sliders
10 FT- four 5 ft tracks and 72 sliders
12 FT- four 6 ft tracks and 80 sliders
16 FT- four 5 ft tracks, two 6 ft tracks, and 104 sliders

Material: Aluminum
*The curtain is not included